Hungary in Space exhibition_2023

Movie screening_2023

Glimpse of Hungarian healthcare products_2023

Alumni meeting_2023

Hungarian Falk Tales matinée_2023

Art Exhibition_2023

Christmas celebration in an orphanage_2022

Alumni meeting_2022

Hungarian Food Show_2022

Exclusive wine tasting_2022

Embassy of Hungary

Courtesy visits

Presenting Letter of Credence, Nigeria

Present copy of Letter of Credence, Cameroon

Folk Festival 2018

Table Tennis Cup 2018

Embassy of Hungary Cup and Teqball show 2018

Reception - 23 October 2018

International Arts and Craft Expo 2018

Worldview Education Fair 2019

Reception - 15 March 2019

2nd Seed Connect Africa conference 2019

Children’s Day 2019

Hollóháza Porcelain and Hungarian Wine Show

#sisterArt 1st International Exhibition 2019


African Beach Games 2019

Agreement Ganzair, Hidrofilt, Toledo Eng.

ART-GARDEN in Lagos 2019

Fairy Tales 2019

NASC Hungarian Demonstration Plot 2019

National Day Reception on 23 October 2019

Ambulance car donation by Hungary Helps

Vetőmagtanács 2020. 10. 08.