The Emerald tree – developed by Hungarian company, SUNWO Corporation – is a fast growing tree, it can grow as fast as 2-4 cm on a daily bases. The lifespan of the tree is 36 years.  It’s massive crown and branches are serving multifunctional purposes. Due to the high protein content of it’s leafes can be used for animal feeding or processing biomass. The roots of the tree are useful against soil-erosion. The trunk can be used for carpentry work as industrial tree. Due to the favorable climatic effect the Emerald tree forest can stop the desertification.

The pinnacle of the innovation is the capability of the absorption of Carbon Dioxide. According to it’s recently issued official certificate the tree is comprising 17 various climate protection criteria of the United Nation.

At the 14-th of January 2021 we handed over the Emerald Tree seedlings to the Prince Ebunola Martin’s Team Leader followed by a small scale practical presentation in our Trade Office in Lagos to demonstrate how to plant the seedlings.

Another Hungarian innovation is the AGROOTER, the root management technology was introduced along the line also. This technology enable the plant to erect a stronger root and increasing the water retaining capacity of the soil.

The Nigerian Partner pays a great importance to Emerald Tree, which can be used to prevent soil erosion, can be used for feeding of animals, for biomass and as industrial tree as well. The CO2 absorption capability of the tree is an enormous value for the ongoing green development projects of the World.