International Passport

Application for an international passport is, like other consular services, strictly by appointment only.  Please find details about appointment making on the Office Hours, Appointment Booking page.

The application for an international passport may be submitted exclusively in person. The biometric data of the applicant, including photograph and signature, will be captured electronically. Passports are produced and shipped usually within 4 to 6 weeks. Fast-tracking is not available at the Consular Section. Kindly consider this timeframe when applying for a new passport.

Hungarian international passports are available with a validity of 5 or 10 years (for persons 18-65 years of age). If the application is for a passport to replace a valid one that has been lost, the cost of the procedure is higher. In case the previous passport has been stolen, and a police report of the incident is presented in original, the regular costs apply.

Please find more details about the current fees on the Consular Fees and Rates page.


For the passport application procedure, kindly bring the following set of documents:

  • previous passport that is to expire or has expired
  • if applying for the first Hungarian international passport, the Hungarian nationality of the applicant needs to be proven through one the following means: valid Hungarian ID card, Certificate of Naturalization, or certificate of Hungarian nationality issued up to three years prior
  • certificate of birth (particularly for children applying for their first passport, see below)
  • if the previous, valid passport has been stolen: police report on the incident (lacking that, a higher fee applies)
  • if the applicant has acquired Hungarian citizenship through naturalization process, the Certificate of Naturalization and their previous international passport is required when applying for their first Hungarian passport


Children are also required to have their own individual passports. Children under 12 are not expected to provide fingerprints. The validity of the passport for children under 6 is 3 years, and 5 years for children 6-12 years of age. For applicants under 18, the following are required in addition to the list above:

  • certificate of birth (particularly when applying for first passport)
  • if the birth of a child still under 6 has not yet been registered in Hungary: parents’ statement (signed before the consul) regarding the personal data of the child to be recorded in the passport: family and given name(s), place of birth, date of birth as well as the fact that he or she is a Hungarian citizen
  • both parents should be present. If the parental rights are exclusive to one person, the documents confirming this should be presented (e.g. court decision, formal written agreement of the parents, death certificate of the deceased parent etc.). If only one parent is able to be present at the submission, a written, signed and notarized letter of consent from the other parent must be included in original. The letter must contain the following: full name of the child, place and date of birth, the fact that he or she is a Hungarian citizen, as well as the consent that a passport may be issued for the child. A copy of the international passport data page of the declarant must also be submitted.
  • parents’ valid passport or other means of proving Hungarian citizenship (particularly at the time of the birth of the child)
  • for toddlers, a current passport photograph is accepted instead of taking the picture at the Consular Section. This is required to be a current, professional photo with a light background and in standard size (EU standard dimensions are 3.5 x 4.5 cm).