Registration cases, like other consular services, are strictly by appointment only. Please find the details about appointment making on the Office Hours, Appointment Booking page.

The Consular Section of the Embassy of Hungary acts as the receiving authority in the following cases. It receives the documents and forwards them to the competent Hungarian Body. Decision is not made by the Consular Section. Registration of Birth, Marriage etc. is free of charge but some related procedures may be subject to a fee.

Please note that only original documents (i.e. certificates of birth, marriage etc.) issued by the competent Nigerian/ Cameroonian/ Beninese or Gabonese authorities and authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the competent country are accepted. If these documents meet the requirements, they will be authenticated by the Consular Office. The documents filed are considered to be the basic documents for the case registration. Please note that the original hard copies will be archived in Hungary, and they are not retrievable once submitted.


The required documents to be submitted with the application are as follows:

  • filled application form (download here)
  • the original Nigerian/ Cameroonian/ Beninese or Gabonese birth certificate of the child, authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the competent country, and provided with diplomatic authentication and official translation, if applicable.
  • There is no need for translation:
    - if the birth certificate is issued in English, German or French (except if it is handwritten and/or contains a comment),
    - or the birth certificate has been issued by other countries in two or more languages if one of them is English, German or French.
  • If the birth certificate has been issued in a different language, a legalised translation should be presented. The translation could be prepared by the National Translation and Authentication Office (OFFI) –, 1062 Budapest, Bajza utca 52, Tel: (36-1) 428-9600, Fax: (36-1) 428-9610.


  • the international passport of the child
  • parents’ certificate of marriage or statement of fatherhood (required if the child is born before marriage or otherwise out of wedlock)
  • if the parents’ marriage is not yet registered in Hungary but it is the basis of parentage, it needs to be registered first before the registration of birth can be conducted, see below
  • parents’ ID, international passport and residence card, if applicable
  • parents’ certificates of birth
  • both parents should be present. If only one parent is present, a notarized letter of consent is needed from the other parent that they agree with the registration, together with the specific details of the child: family and given name(s), residence (confirmed with the parents’ residence details), other nationalities of the child (e.g. Nigerian), and the same statements found in part „III/C.” of the form attached. In case of making an acknowledgement of parentage, the presence of both parents is mandatory.

Voluntary acknowledgement of paternity:

General information

In case the parents were not married when the child was born a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity is necessary for the registration of birth in Hungary. Voluntary acknowledgment of paternity can also be done before the birth of the child. You can download the necessary forms at the bottom of the page. 

How to apply

In order to submit the application you have to come in person to the consulate for your appointment. Appointments can be booked directly through our online booking system.

For further information please go to: ”Working hours, appoinments”.

For information about the fees please visit the following link on our website: “Consular fees”.

Requirements for the procedure

• Both parents should be present;

• Both parents should present their valid passports or ID cards. In case of third country nationals only passport is acceptable! Please note that photocopies are not acceptable! You should present your original ID card/passport;

• The original birth certificate of the child.

• Filled out form in 5 copies (to download and print the form please scroll down). Please do not sign the form prior to the appointment, just make sure that all the relevant fields are properly filled out with blue ink.

• Consular fee should be paid;

• If the mother’s marital status is divorced, the divorce should be verified with a marriage certificate or a court order.

Further requirements for parents under 18
If the parents of the child are under 18, the legal representatives should appear in person at the Consulate. For the validity of the voluntary acknowledgment of paternity the father should be at least 16 years older than his child.


Form to be downloaded:

to aknowledge a child to be born

to acknowledge a child already born


Registration of marriage concluded abroad

Hungarian citizens should register their marriages concluded abroad. The application can be lodged at the register offices in Hungary, as a general rule. Application can also be lodged at the Consulate. In this case the procedure may take up to 3 months or even more.


If you would like to register your marriage in Hungary through the Consulate you should book an appointment.  Appointments can be booked  directly through our Appointment Booking System. For further information please visit the following link on the website: "Useful Consular informations" --> "Working hours, appointment”. 

Please note that both parties/applicants should appear in person for the appointment!


Required documents:

1. Original marriage certificate (this is required in ALL cases)

Please be noted that you need to get a diplomatic legalisation from the country of marriage for the original marriage certificate.

There is no need for the translation of the document:
- if the marriage certificate is issued in English, German or French (except if it is handwritten and/or contains a comment), or
- if the marriage certificate is issued in two or more languages including English, German or French.
If the marriage certificate is issued in other languages, a legalised translation should be enclosed. The certified translation can be prepared by the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd (

2. Copy of  birth certificate of the Hungarian party

3. Completed and signed application form.

Please fill in the application form in Hungarian with block capital letters in accordance with the rules of the Hungarian language in blue ink. The application form can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

4. Proof of marital status of the Hungarian national prior to the marriage

If you were divorced before getting married again: final court decision about the divorce (with Hungarian translation). If you were widow before getting married again: death certificate of the deceased spouse.

5. Proof of Hungarian nationality

Valid passport, valid identity card or certificate of nationality wich has been issued within the past 3 years.

6. Proof of nationality in respect of the non-Hungarian party

Valid passport.

7. Certificate of marital status of the non-Hungarian party prior to the marriage

The non-Hungarian party has to present an official certificate on his/her previous marital status (prior to the marriage). This document should be translated to Hungarian by the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd ( or the translation can be legalised by the competent Hungarian Consulate. (ie. Hungarian Consulate accredited to the country of origin of the non-Hungarian party.)

8. Request for registration in the Registry of Personal Data and Address

The Hungarian national has to fill in point IV. of the application form in the following cases:
• if the Hungarian national does not have a valid Hungarian ID card AND
• he/she does not have a Hungarian address card with the remark “Külföldön élő magyar állampolgár” AND
  - he/she has never lived in Hungary.

9. Consular fee:

For information about the fees please visit the following link on our website: “Consular fees”.

 Application form for registration of marriage


Registration of death:

Necessary documents:

• presenting the original death certificate (Legalised copy will be made by the consulate.);
• Filled in application form (it can be downloaded here: APPLICATION FORM for registration of death);
• A legalised translation of the death certificate, except when the death certificate was issued in English, French or German;
• presenting the Hungarian birth certificate of the deceased; 
• Verification of Hungarian citizenship of the deceased (Hungarian passport, ID card, citizenship certificate, naturalization document);
• Valid identification document of the client;

The Hungarian passport, ID card, address card and driving licence of the deceased need to be invalidated by the relevant Hungarian authority. Collection point is at the consulate. The passport and the ID card can be returned after the process.

If the birth, marriage or divorce of the deceased has not been registered yet in the Hungarian registry, then these must be registered as well.

Registration applications are by appointment only.

Application form for registration of deathe


Registration of divorce

NOTE! If the marriage was solemnised and terminated abroad and the marriage had not been registered in Hungary yet, the two applications (registration of marriage and divorce) should be submitted together. One appointment (for registration of marriage/divorce) is sufficient for submitting both applications.For general information about registration procedure please visit the following link on our website: “Registration of marriage”. 

Necessary documents:

  • original Hungarian marriage certificate,
  • final court order on the divorce,
  • Hungarian translation of the court order,
  • copy of the birth certificate of the Hungarian national,
  • filled in and signed application form that can be downloaded at the bottom of this page,
  • proof of Hungarian nationality of the Hungarian nationals,
  • proof of ID and nationality for non-Hungarians.

Hungarian translation of the court order:
Translation should be done by the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation LTD in Hungary (

The Consulate does not prepare translations!

If the original document is not in English only translations made by the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation LTD or translations verified by the competent Hungarian Embassies are acceptable.


Form for registration of divorce
Form for change of married name