Application submission is strictly by appointment time which can be made via the appointment booking system.

The competent decision-making authority in type D visa applications is the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing. The application form, appendix and information regarding the type D visa application can be found on the website of the authority.

Submitting an application for a residence permit separately is not required, as an application for the issuance of a type D visa comprises an application for residence permit. The residence permit can be collected at the client service of the decision-making authority, in case of students the collection is at the universities.

The type D visa entitling its holder to receive a residence permit shall be issued by the Consular Office.

Please note that type D visa entitling their holder to receive their residence permits issued to third-country nationals is a single-entry visa authorising a stay of not more than 30 days and is valid for 3 months.

Please note that if you do not enter the territory of Hungary within 3 months from the date of approval of the issuance of your residence permit and do not start your approved residence, the approved residence permit becomes invalid and the approval of your accrued right of entry and residence ceases.


If the visa application is rejected, the applicant may file an appeal within 8 calendar days following the reception of the decision. The appeal should contain a written and signed letter of appeal, as well any documents that were not part of the original application, not being available at the time, and support the application concerning the cause(s) of rejection.

The appeal can be submitted in person or by a proxy (strictly with an authorization letter).

The current consular fees and rates can be found on the Consular Fees and Rates page.