Visa Information System

Visa cases, like other consular services, are strictly by appointment only. Appointments can be booked directly through our Konzinfo Booking System at Please find more details on the Office Hours, Appointment Booking page.

Please note that, due to the high demand, appointments may fill up swiftly, especially in the peak summer period. We recommend that you book your appointment as much in advance as possible, since fast-tracking or expedited appointments and procedures are not available. You may book your appointment up to six months prior to the planned date of travel. The Consular Section is not obliged to accept applications submitted less than 15 days before the planned date of travel.


Unified Schengen “C” visa for short term (<90 days) stay

The holder of the unified Schengen “C” visa may be eligible to stay in the Schengen area for up to 90 days total in an up to 180 days period. The following set of documents is required to submit an application:

  • the Application Form filled and signed (download here)
  • passport with a validity of at least three months after the proposed end of stay, and with at least two blank pages
  • supporting documents specific to the type of visa applied for (download the harmonized list here), but always including travel insurance, proof of accommodation, flight booking and HR letter and sufficient means of subsistence proved by bank statement
  • 1 (one) passport photo

Please see the current consular fees, rates, and payment details on the Consular Fees and Rates page.


Residence permit (>90 days of stay) “D” visa

The holder of the “D” type visa may be eligible to travel to Hungary and retrieve their residence permit (e.g. for work, study etc.) within the next 30 days.

Please find the form, list of relevant supporting documents and other details on the website of the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing under the “Residence in Hungary” tab.

 Please see the current consular fees, rates, and payment details on the Consular Fees and Rates page.


Please note that all papers and supporting documents must be submitted in original hard copy and 1 (one) additional copy, with the exception of the bank statements, which are to be submitted in 1 (one) original hard copy only. Original documents (with the exception of bank statements and documents issued specifically for the application. e.g. statements from the employer or school etc.) will be returned after the application procedure is concluded.


Please find more details on visa applications on the website of the Hungarian Consular Service.



If the visa application is rejected, the applicant may file an appeal within eight calendar days following the reception of the decision. The appeal should contain a written and signed letter of appeal, as well as any documents that were not part of the original application, not being available at the time, and support the application concerning the cause(s) of rejection.

Please see the current consular fees, rates on the Consular Fees and Rates page.


Visa Information System

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